Ready to Order a Critter Cover???

Email me at paypalcheckout123@gmail.com to place your order.  Include which Critter Cover you'd like and I will respond with a verification email including your total.  After the verification email, you can send paypal and the cover will be removed from our sale page and mailed out to you!

Custom Order Spots...

Most months I will have TWO Custom Order Spots.  You will be able to choose your Critter Cover color or colors and critter or character to be custom made for your cover.  Custom Orders to be completed within 2-4 weeks of payment.  

Costs of Critter Covers:

$52 per cover
$5 extra for Custom Spot
$5 for shipping 1 cover, $10 for 2 or more
Regular Pickle Pants (soaker without critter) are available for $35
$35 for a stuffed critter to match your cover or just by itself

Questions?  Contact Kristen at paypalcheckout123@gmail.com